What's My Thing?

A proven step-by-step process to help you figure out what the heck you should be doing with your life.


DO you feel STUCK?

...lost, and confused, like you are aimlessly floating through life, wasting your potential. Do you feel like you are just going through the motions and existing, but not really living. Busy, but not growing. Surviving, but definitely not thriving. Sometimes entertained, but sure as hell not fulfilled. Do you feel like something is off... something is missing... there has to be more to life than this... but not sure what it is and overwhelmed about how to go about finding it? Do you wish you had a clear path forward? A direction you KNOW is right. Can you imagine feeling focused and motivated? Finally unstuck-- flowing forward, feeling alive. Confident. Creating and achieving all the things you want. Do you want to feel excited to get out of bed in the morning; fulfilled going to sleep at night, with the peace of knowing that you are living the life you are supposed to? Great. Then you’re in the right place.


Step 1: Figure out who the hell you are.

...which is vastly different than who you think you should be. We'll walk you through our revolutionary “Fulfillment Framework:" a guided process to help you clarify your values, your talents, strengths and skills, your passions and interests, along with your unique purpose. 

Step 2: Get clear on what you want.

"Decision-Making Model," in which you start by getting clear on your outcome. What is on the other side of all of the possible options? What is it that you really want? Once you clearly define your outcome, you then evaluate your ideas and options based on that outcome, leaving you able to finally see clearly which option is best.

Step 3: Overcome what's holding you back.

It’s one thing to know your calling, but it’s another to actually live it. Even with the roadmap to success, fear, limiting beliefs, insecurity, bad attitudes,  internal conflicts, and procrastination can stop you from doing your thing. We'll arm you with the tools to help you get out of your own way. 

There is nothing wrong with you. But there is something wrong with the life you are currently living.

(It's not a fit for who you are.)

It's time to do your THING!

Your thing is something that inspires you, energizes you, pulls you forward and makes you jump out of bed in the morning, eager to start the day. Something that was made for you and you alone; that utilizes your unique talents and gifts. Ultimately this something makes a difference in the world around you, and will leave an impact on it, long after you've come and gone. Your thing brings more meaning, purpose, love, laughter, wonder and adventure to your time here.  At the end of your life, your thing would have led you to a life of significance, rather than one of regret.

Your thing is often your profession, which is likened to your “calling,” which is vastly different than your “job.” While the goal is usually to get paid (handsomely) for doing your thing, if it feels like empty work for a paycheck, it is most definitely not your thing.

Your thing, however, may not be applied to the realm of profession at all. You may not want or need financial gain from your thing, but rather be seeking a general sense of life happiness, fulfillment and purpose.


Who are we and why should you listen to us?

We are Fruition Coaching, a personal coaching company home-based in Denver, CO. For over ten years our team of elite coaches all over the country has been helping clients all around the world design the career and life of their dreams.

Megan Abbott

Megan is a board certified coach and the founder of Fruition Coaching. For over a decade she's been helping people figure out who they are and what they should be doing with their lives. 

Money-Back Guarantee

We aren't here to sell you, we're here to help you find the fulfilling career you are supposed to be in... so you don't waste your whole life in a job you hate. If you aren't satisfied with the results of this coaching program for any reason, we'll give you your money back.

Early Bird Pricing Ends May 10th!

We're offering a special early bird offer before open registration beings. On May 10th, the program cost will double!









"Fruition Coaching was just what I needed - objective guidance. I was very impressed how efficient and helpful Megan’s coaching was. I would definitely recommend Megan Abbott and Fruition Coaching to anyone who is grappling with where they want to go in life. I now feel confident that the decisions I am making are the right ones. "

Alexis Alvey
Miami, FL

"Megan was essential to helping me get "unstuck" and a take on a new role at a new company, and it ended up being one of the best decisions I've made. She takes time and care to understand your needs, and get you reconnected to what you value and what inspires. She is an absolute force, and her enthusiasm is infections."

Chris Stella
New York, New York

"Working with Megan I have gotten very clear and focused about what it is I want, what is holding me back, and how I can go after it. It has put a lot of excitement back into my life and getting me along the path I want to be on. "

Josh Sharpe

"Megan led me to dramatically change my perspective on what's possible in the world and what I'm capable of. She led me to reconnect with myself, my deepest desires and my intuition, which opened me up to possibilities, and successes beyond what I would have previously dared to imagine were possible for me. When working with Megan, I quit my corporate job that was making me miserable, got numerous lucrative job offers making over double what I'd been making before, took none of them and started a business of my own (which I realized had been a longtime fantasy). I think everyone should go to a coach--it ups your game, gets you through the limiting beliefs, widens your aperture and empowers you to be the badass you know yourself to be deep in your core. It JUST works."

Raisa Reyes
New York, New York

"A year ago, I was a tightly wound ball of anxiety, misery, and debt. I couldn't find my way to anything that resembled joy. Often, I couldn't even find my way off the couch. Megan has taught me so much about myself, about life, about the many lies, illusions, and invisible barriers I had created for myself. And how incredibly close I was to the life I'd always dreamed of. She is one of most incredibly gifted people I have ever had the honor of working with, and I owe all the beauty in my life to her. I'd say she saved my life, but really, the sad life that I had before was not worth saving. She GAVE me life, a new life, filled with so much joy, gratitude, and beauty. "

Megan Hunt
Denver, CO

"When I was in somewhat of a rut with my career, Megan helped me to clearly identify what exactly was going on. By working with her on a regular basis, she helped guide me to figure out what were ideal characteristics for a job that would fulfill me and how to strike that balance between personal life and career. She gave me lots of great tools and "homework" to stimulate different ideas that I would not have considered before. Her coaching was the perfect balance between guiding and supporting me while still allowing me to draw my own conclusions. She encouraged me to be brave and find something that did and still does make me happy."

Lucy Barksdale
Atlanta, GA

"I can't even begin to explain how much my life has changed since I've met her. I feel more focused and confident. I'm not afraid and finally believe that I'm deserving of all the good things that come my way! "

Katrina Nguyen
Denver, CO

"I love, love, love, Megan! It's hard for me to lay it all out in just this small space but my experience with her has been life changing! I believe that she can save the world, one person at a time!"

Trish Grimes
Los Angeles, CA

"Megan helped me realize that for me to be great for the people around me, that I need to invest in myself in ways that I haven't for years, or honestly, my entire life. Her teachings have truly made me a better person. She will help you unlock your potential... possibly potential you never knew you had!"

Andy Schroeder
Denver, CO

"The best part has been the amazing results which have come about so quickly for me. Since I have been working with Megan big changes have happened and my life seems so exciting now whereas a few months ago things were boring and dreary."

Julia Wigart
Denver, CO

"Megan and her coaching played a huge role in helping me connect with myself and realize my potential. After receiving coaching from Megan my life changed in innumerable ways. I don't consider myself the "type" to see a life coach - little did I realize that there is no type. If there is even an ounce of you that thinks that you're life could be better, more authentic, more YOU, more connected. FOLLOW THAT, that's your future you talking."

Patricia Kazimier
Denver, CO

"I think the biggest thing that has changed is my level of confidence; it has increased significantly. This is a direct result of Megan helping me see that the best path toward contentment and self-fulfillment is being true to yourself at all times. "

Sarah Best
Denver, CO

"You have completely changed my life! May you continue this beautiful work of yours helping people find their own way to sustained happiness!' "

Mariana Martins
São Paulo, Brazil

" I have made profound and positive changes in my life, gained the confidence to start my own successful business, and overcome longstanding challenges. My growth is more than I could have ever imagined."

Amy Astrom
Denver, CO

"After years of living in "survival mode" I had no idea how to move forward -I felt so stuck. I wanted something tactical, action-based and forward thinking to help me move towards living my life with a greater sense of integrity by knowing that I was living up to my potential. Megan had the ability to drive me to understand the life I wanted and then create a plan for me to achieve that life. Megan worked with me on my WHOLE self which created a change in me that went right to the root of who I am and it allowed me to make massive changes and align my life with the life I always wanted. I feel so blessed to have found Fruition Coaching. "

Christina Clow
Denver, CO

"It has been so great to move on with my life and work towards doing what I want to do without the albatross of constant irrational anxiety and worries about things I can't control."

Keenan Copple
Denver, CO

"I was hesitant to give life coaching a try, but after just a few weeks, my fears had diminished, my debilitating anxiety was almost eliminated, and I was able to find happiness in myself and my day to day surroundings. Megan helped me sort out my life goals and career in a way that made ME prioritize my needs and values. After she helped me identify and strengthen these needs, she worked with me to gain confidence in both my work environment and at home. Her ease of communication, sense of humor, honesty, passion and experience provided all the necessary components to transform myself into a better, happier, more peaceful person."

Marie Johnson
Gainesville, FL

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